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PATHWAYS TO MEGA WEALTH eBook covers everything you need to know, or might need to know, about starting or running a successful and enjoyable business to make mega profits. It is not called PATHWAYS TO MEGA WEALTH for nothing. As the long-time MegaWealth columnist for one of the titles of the foremost and eldest surviving newspaper in Nigeria, Sunday Tribune newspaper, I have the opportunity to interact with many small and big business owners. I hear their war stories and learn their secrets, and that is what I want to impart.

This book shows you how to make cool and legitimate millions in a jiffy! Put it down. What you will get in these pages are tried-and-true, real world business ideas, tips, skills, and strategies that have been proven to help some paupers became rich and some rich became richer that can propel your dreams of a financial turnaround.

Written in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner, chock full of interesting, actual examples and accurate data, PATHWAYS TO MEGA WEALTH contains everything you need to know to have a successful, fulfilling and  enjoyable entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll find a wide range of wealth secrets that have the power to transform your life. The sky is the limit with these amazing secrets.

The PATHWAYS TO MEGA WEALTH is intended to be your one-stop shop for all things business ideas. If I have done my job right, it should become an indispensable business partner; a well-used, dog-eared friend that shows you the way.

“Olaoluwa Mimiola helps others find freedom and fulfillment in their work lives. — Chris Mark, Career Writer, Accra, Ghana.

“In Pathway to Mega Wealth, Mimiola practically explains how to combat boredom, develop motivation, live for today, rethink the terms of financial independence, and redefine the meaning of fulfillment.” — Stephen Johnson, Business Developer, Georgia, US.

“For all the time we spend craving for fullfilment and worthwhile money in what we do for a leaving, discussing it, dreaming about it and planning for it, few among us achieve it . . .  Many of us couldn’t his achieve it for the fear of the unknown… This is where Olaoluwa Mimiola comes in.” — Peace Davis, Career Coach.

“The message is that entrepreneurship ensures freedom, fullfilment and good money leisure… Mimiola practically discusses provable hot business and good money-making ideas that one can start with millions of dollars or even without a dime. — Olanrewaju Adebowale, Entrepreneur & Author, Lagos, Nigeria.

About the Author
Olaoluwa Mimiola is a Serial Entrepreneur, an Award-Winning Journalist, Author, Innovator, Content Creator, Professional Speaker, Unconventional Career Expert and Entrepreneur with more than 13 years of experience in creative marketing, Printing and Publishing, Advertising, Public/Media Relations, Corporate Brander, Graphic Artist, eBusiness Development solo-entrepreneurship, and coaching a lots of individuals on how to make a great living with entrepreneurship.

Mimiola has handled the corporate branding and printing account of so many national and international companies, such as African Newspapers of Nigeria Plc, publishers of the Tribune Titles; Kings world Cargo Inc, USA; Shekinah Magazine, USA; Zenababs Half Moon Hotel and Resorts, Nigeria and the Awolowo Dynasty, just to mention a few.

He has helped a good number of individuals on self discovery, business development, career transitions and retirement planning through one-on-one coaching and his column, Mega Wealth, in the Sunday Tribune newspaper, Nigeria’s foremost newspaper.

His book, Pathway to Mega Wealth, which is a compilation of his Mega Wealth column in the Sunday Tribune Newspaper has served as a pathfinder for so many Nigerians and foreigners who read the column or had got the book.

Thousands of individuals have contacted Mimiola by letter and e-mail about how they have experienced self discovery,  renewal, personal growth, freedom and made enviable income through entrepreneurship, as a result of reading his column on the newspaper and the book, Pathways to Mega Wealth, one of his best-selling books.

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