The First Book Ever Written Is…

LET’s begin at the beginning. The first book ever was written.  No. It isn’t The Book of Genesis. Contrary to popular belief, at least in certain circles, it wasn’t written by God or Adam or even Moses. The invention of writing marks the boundary between pre-history and history. The first written language that we know of […]

8 Best Ways to Reduce PDF File Size

PDF documents can look incredible, particularly when stacked with heaps of full shading illustrations. Alongside that incredible look, however, can come bloated document sizes that can gag even the hardiest email benefit. At the point when that happens, you can utilize an assortment of strategies to diminish the span of your PDF record. Take after […]

3 Essential Story Ingredients

ENVISION that I’m informing you regarding my day and I say, “I woke up. I had breakfast. I exited for work.” Is that a story? All things considered, it has a hero who settles on decisions that prompt to a characteristic movement of occasions, it contains three acts and it has a starting, a centre […]

How To Make Cool Cash Writing Books

WRITING are words inscribed on a surface as a means of communication. It can also be said to be a system of graphic symbols to convey meaning or it can be an act of composing texts. Book writing is an activity or occupation of composing texts for publication. It is something that can be a […]

eBook Vs Hard Copy Book

E-BOOK, is no doubt, the in-thing in the world now. It gains more popularity on a daily basis. This cannot be unconnected with the ease in reading it and the less burden of carrying hardcopy books around. Hence, there are many people out in the world today who prefer to do their readings on electronic […]