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Dear friend, I write you this letter with the hope that you will benefit financially and materially from my publication.

I believe that sooner or later, you will be thinking of buying a plot of land or two. Perhaps, even now as you are reading this sales letter, you are already contemplating buying a plot of land. If it’s so, then, this sales letter could be the most valuable information you need this very moment.

In Nigeria today, it is a common occurrence to find people going to the wrong places to buy land. In the end, they fall victim to fraudulent vendors who sell lands that do not belong to them and when these fraudsters are paid, they disappear.

Cases like this are rampant in our courts of law. At the end of the day, buyers of such lands find it difficult to acquire the land and or recover their money after spending far more than the amount they paid for the lands in litigation.
In addition to the problem of falling victim to fraudsters, every prospective buyer of land in Nigeria is confronted with the problem of compliance with the provisions of the laws that regulate land transactions.

It is against this background that this book: Where to Buy Land in Nigeria and How to Avoid Acquisition of Defective Title is written.

This book is written as a guide to help you avoid costly mistakes that may cause you to lose your fortune in the process of buying land.

There is a cliché among medical practitioners which says: “Prevention is better than cure.” Now, this cliché is not only relevant in the medical field; it is relevant in property transactions as well.

This book provides effective safeguards against wrong steps that may ruin your fortune. A lot of people waste their precious time and hard earned resources in litigation with the hope that they will acquire the land they bought or recover their money from the fraudsters who sold the lands that do not belong to them. In the end, they end up spending triple of the amount they used in buying the land, yet without acquiring the land or recovering their money.

What a waste of time! What a waste of resources! All these can be prevented. The way to prevent these is to equip yourself with the knowledge of land transactions and the legal requirements involved.


Written by a legal practitioner specializing in property Law, Where to Buy Land in Nigeria and How to Avoid Acquisition of Defective Title addresses various legal issues that always emanate from land transactions. It also elucidates the proper steps to take to avoid falling victim to fraudulent people. Armed with the knowledge and
practical wisdom nuggets contained in this book, you will never go wrong in any way.

What You Will Learn and Benefit from this Book are:
*        How to acquire good title to any landed property.
*        Problems associated with land transactions and how to nip them in the bud.
*        Why you should not buy land with your eyes closed and why you should look before you leap.
*        Four legal requirements you must fulfil to perfect your title to any land you buy.
*        How to identify and avoid fraudsters that may lure you into buying land that doesn’t belong to them.
*        Five ways you can investigate and inspect title to land.
*        Five documents used in land transactions and how to perfect the documents.
*        Seven covenants that run with the land and why you must keep your part of the covenants.
*        Procedure for obtaining the grant of allocation of plots of land from relevant authorities.
*        Laws regulating land transactions and effect of non-compliance.
*        How to obtain Right of Occupancy/Certificate of Occupancy in respect of any land you purchase.
*        How to protect your properties from trespassers.
*        Kind of sale agreement that is enforceable and binding on the parties.
*        Procedure for effecting oral agreement in land transactions and where it can be applicable, as well as reasons you should move beyond oral agreement in the property transaction.
*        And many more.

Dear reader, if you are planning to buy a plot of land in no distant future, then, grab a copy of this book right away. For a promotional offer of N2,000 you can equip yourself with the knowledge of land transaction which will help you avoid costly mistakes that may save you perhaps, tens or hundreds of thousands of naira or even millions of naira.

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