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A careful study of unemployment statistics of various countries all over the world reveals that the rate of unemployment is increasing constantly. This constant increase in unemployment rate is quite understandable.  More educational institutions are springing up and every year our educational institutions continue to churn out hundreds of thousands of graduates. The labour market is saturated and the government is not creating enough employment for our graduates.

Now, if you are waiting for the government to employ you soon, you may be disappointed. This is because the government is finding it difficult to employ all graduates. In fact, what the government is doing now is
that it is encouraging graduates to be self-employed.

To achieve this objective, the Nigerian government has established several agencies to empower Nigerians economically. Presently, we have such agencies as the National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP), Youth
Empowerment Initiative (YOUWIN), FADAMA and of course, we have the National Directorate of Employment (NDE).

There is no gainsaying the fact that the aforementioned agencies have really impacted positively on the lives of many able-bodied Nigerian youths. However, most unemployed Nigerians are yet to find a ray of

Perhaps, you are one of these unemployed people waiting indefinitely to be employed in the public or private sector, if you are, then, I have a word for you: IF YOU CANNOT GET A JOB, EMPLOY YOURSELF.

Now, how do you employ yourself? Well, I have written a book that proffers an answer to this question. This book it titled, HOW TO BE SELF-EMPLOYED (VOL.1) – Practical, Time-tested Principles that Work for the Unemployed and the Wealth Seekers. CODE A1 The book is written to provide a concrete solution to the problem of
unemployment in the world. The book is also written to serve as light or guide to all wealth seekers on their way to building long-lasting success.

If you are unemployed or a low-income earner seeking a better paying job, or you are a wealth seeker seeking a lucrative goldmine to tap into, HOW TO BE SELF-EMPLOYED – CODE A1 is what you need to launch you
into greater success.

The book contains all the solutions or ideas you need to break loose from the shackles of unemployment. And as Ross Perot said: “ONE SINGLE IDEA CAN MAKE YOU LIVE LIKE A KING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.” This
idea will be found in this book. Stop procrastinating and order this book now!


Below are what you stand to benefit from this e-book:

•        12 Benefits of Being Self-employed
•        How to Discover and Develop your Potentialities
•        How to Build Wealth with Your Superior Talent
•        How to Come Up with Lucrative Business Ideas
•        Anchoring Your Business on the Wisdom of the Invisible Paymaster
•        How to Tap into the Massive Opportunities in the Often Neglected But Lucrative Agriculture Industry
•        How to Leverage on Passive Income for Long-lasting Success
•        Discover and Tap into the Huge Internet Opportunities
•        Know the Legal Requirements for Setting Up Your Business
•        How to Register Your Business Name with Less than N5,000
•        How to Incorporate Your Company
•        Marketing Strategy for Massive Sales
•        Why I recommend information marketing for the unemployed
•        Internet businesses you can start with little capital
•        And many more!

NB: The conventional version and the e-book version are available. You can order anyone you wish. And as you do so, it is my prayer that you will grasp at least ONE idea that will make you live like a king for the rest of your life.

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