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This book, How to Maximize Your Capacity and Break New Records convincingly exposes you to the great depths of your capacity for wealth, health, and fulfilment; and how you can explore that wonderful capability to accomplish incredible success in the world.

In this book, you’ll learn the various dimensions of success that make for satisfaction and fulfilment, you’ll see what makes the many of the wealthiest and most successful people attain great heights with real peace
of mind.

Truth is the big names in the business, finance, investment, sports, politics, and various careers and professions discovered how to use their right brain and tap into their inner capacity to produce surprising solutions that the world craves for. In this book, you’ll learn how Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, David Oyedepo, and others did it.

Moreso, the great transformations taking place in the world at the speed of light and thought show that the future belongs to innovators. The secrets and keys you’ll be shown in this book will sufficiently empower you to maximize your mind to produce such creative and innovative solutions in your business or career that will not only enable you to break new records but also enthrone you in your field in the world.

You’re welcome to the platform of gathering momentum to fully engage your gears for creativity and innovation to unleash your best part the world has not yet seen. Remember what Benjamin Franklin, an American president said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” 

Imeh David is an inspirational blogger and online enthusiast. His goal is to exceptionally inspire you, to put you in personal power gear to scale heights that would ordinarily appear impossible; it is to also make you rich. From his books, you’ll learn business strategies, financial skills, leadership principles and things that will startle you about your self-worth that will immediately equip you to tremendously improve upon your business, career, profession and life generally.

His message is simple: You have the power to change your life and your results. If you’re desperate enough to shatter self-limitation and create a powerful change that will affect all your results or all-around success, then go along with this writer.

Welcome to the place of inspiration and encouragement, a new world of sharing transformational experiences, indeed the company of true friendship that is committed to empowering you through the knowledge that will make you grow strong, build lasting wealth, a breakthrough in business and career, and excel in leadership. As you diligently apply what is shared in this book, you’ll sure have incredible personal and even corporate results, as well as inspiring stories to tell others. This is a promise!

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