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FADED PICTURES: Sweet-contradiction: An alluring and serene neighbourhood inhabited by quiet elites, successful professionals and pretty women of virtue like Rita, a divorcee and beautiful nurse, who’s home is often shared with her bosom friend, Naomi, who’s marriage tends to love the rocks.

Also, there’s Jo, a harmless lunatic known to nearly everyone in spite of his status and appearance; who occasionally attracts a sizeable number of young boys in high and unruly spirits when he’s drunk and walking back home with his zipper open, and a semi-erected penis boldly outside its closet which dangles and swivels every sides in rhythm with his erratic steps. Rita knows him: he lives within her property. Naomi, Rita’s friend, could not take her eyes off the wonder between his legs like most women in the estate who always pretend not to see. But, down the road, too many infants from different homes are sharing an unusual resemblance which has invoked quiet assumptions and gossips. Only one woman knows truth: she’s experienced unprecedented series of sexual moments with the wrong man, and in the oddest of places, and she’s not alone. She’s seen another do same, and also is beginning to conclude that many more may have eaten from the same tree, because they have very similar fruits to show.

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