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Diamond Wisdom can simply be defined as Divine Wisdom. It is a divine ability to think like God. Diamond wisdom can also be defined as a divine strategy to accomplish any task.

There are many keys to have access into Diamond wisdom which is well enumerated in this book, “Discovering the Diamond Wisdom” and exploring the Diamond wisdom and one of the keys is by paying attention to events of wisdom around you.

Bruce Roberts who lived between 1274-1329 received an instruction of wisdom that made him defeat his enemies by paying attention to an event of wisdom around him. For many years, Bruce struggled against the English. According to him, his fortune changed one day when he was hiding in a hut. Above his head.he saw a spider trying to swing from one beam to another. Six times it swung and failed.

Bruce remembered he failed to defeat the English the same number of times. At seventh attempts, the spider succeeded in reaching the beam. Bruce got a divine message from this spider that if he attempted again, he would defeat the English. The spider’s effort gave Bruce new hopes and he went to defeat the English. Bruce was a king of Scotland who freed his country from English rule by paying attention to an event of wisdom. Other keys to having access into Diamond Wisdom are well enumerated in this book.

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