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Parables are stories that teach great lessons in life. There are two main characteristics of parables that make them very effective:

One, they are short; and
Two, they carry vital lessons.

There is a parable that is designed to bring positive change in your life. You only need to know what this parable is all about, the meaning of the parable, the vital lessons contained therein and practise the lessons learned in the parable.

One parable that I believe can bring you prosperity and fulfilment is the parable of the pencil. This ancient parable that has been told countless times has brought positive change in the lives of many people who had it and practised the lessons contained in it.

What is this ancient parable all about? What are the lessons to learn and the principles to apply to change your fortune? The answers can be found in my e-book titled, PARABLE OF THE PENCIL – An Exposition of
God’s Principles for Prosperity and Fulfilment. Code: B1 (3) Here are the benefits you stand to gain from my e-book:

*     5 unfailing principles for prosperity and fulfilment.
*     Discover the secret of doing great exploits using a great principle that many people neglect.
*     Discover the secret to true wealth and happiness.
*     How to shine your way to stardom without being held down by forces of failure and defeat.
*     Secret of acquiring power for victorious living.
*     How to turn things around to your advantage and for your greater good.
*     Discover the path to stardom and how to win every battle on your way.
*     Grab the key to power acquisition for greater accomplishment.
*     Discover the secret that makes you indomitable.
*     Discover the secret of making faster progress and greater improvement.
*     Discover and put to use one of God’s greatest assets to mankind for your prosperity and victory.
*     Discover the amazing results of consistency.
*     And many more!

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