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Some of the tips you can discover in this book are:

(1.) How you can know a man who really wants to marry you during a relationship.

(2.) How you can know a man who will break your heart or disappoint you in a marriage relationship or courtship.

(3.) How you can know a man who can be beating you if you end up marrying him. Run away from wife beaters.

(4.) You will know why ladies who have reached marriageable age for long are not getting husbands.

(5.) You will know how to increase your chances of getting a husband faster if you are getting above marriageable age.

(6.) You will know how you can know the character of the man who wants to marry you easily even if he is hiding his character from you.

(7.) You will know how men dupe ladies in relationships so that you will not be a victim.

(8.) You will know the qualities in a lady that can attract a man to approach her for marriage. Do you have those qualities?

(9.) You will know the reasons why you may be rejected by your man’s family members. Prepare yourself in order not to be rejected.

(10.) You will know a man who is pretending to marry you in order to have sex with you and dumps you. A lot of men do this.

(11.) You will know a man who can get you pregnant in a relationship and abandons you. This issue is common these days.

(12.) You will know if it is right to get pregnant for a man before he marries you. Some men normally ask for this.

(13.) You will know how to terminate any relationship that will not lead you to happiness. Quit earlier before you shed tears.

(14.) You will know how to cope with a problematic mother-in-law. Mother-in-law problems in a marriage, you may be a victim.

(15.) You will know how to get the phone numbers of any man you like and use it to work on him. You cannot continue waiting, you can make effort yourself and you may be a winner.

(16.) You will know how to get married faster again as a single mother lady. Do you have a child in your parents’ house? Hope is not lost.

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