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Some call it “court marriage,” others call it “church marriage;” while many others don’t know what to call it.

What is “statutory marriage?” How is statutory marriage conducted? What are the legal implications of contracting a valid statutory marriage? Which rules govern statutory marriage? What are the consequences of failure to comply with the rules guiding statutory marriage? How is statutory marriage celebrated?

These and many more questions are what you will find answers to in my e-book titled, How to Contract a Valid Statutory Marriage (Code L10)

At this juncture, let me introduce myself briefly before I fire on. My name is Sunday Adaji. I am a legal practitioner practising in Nigeria. I was called to Nigerian Bar years ago and since my call to Bar, I have been involved and I am still involved in general legal practice.

Among my core competences is family law. Family law is the aspect of our law that deals with family issues. Family issues include matters relating to the institution of marriage, the upbringing of children, child adoption, family properties, inheritance and succession, matrimonial reliefs, divorce, wills and estate administration, etc.

Now, back to our topic of discussion. Basic knowledge on statutory marriage is indispensable, as it helps one to avoid taking steps that will render the marriage invalid. And you should know that in the eye of the law, an invalid marriage is a marriage that the law considers not to exist by reason of non-compliance with the provisions of the statutes relating to statutory marriage. Again, there are serious consequences for any person who contracts an invalid marriage.

Perhaps, you want to contract a statutory marriage, perhaps, you may know persons who want to contract statutory marriage, or you may want to find out whether the marriage you contracted years ago was a valid
statutory marriage. My e-book, How to Contract a Valid Statutory Marriage (Code L10), is indispensable to you.

Don’t believe what people say about statutory marriage, believe what your family lawyer tells you. What the family lawyer says about statutory marriage is more reliable than what the laymen say.

In How to Contract a Valid Statutory Marriage (Code L10), I have laid bare everything you need to know about statutory marriage. Among what you will learn from my e-book are:

*     Meaning of statutory marriage
*     Essential requirements of a valid statutory marriage
*     Procedural errors that parties  to a statutory  marriage usually make and how to avoid committing this error
*     Requirements  for the celebration of statutory marriage
*     Meaning of double-deck marriage
*     Effect  of double-deck marriage
*    Benefits  of statutory  marriage
*    Consequences of contracting an invalid statutory  marriage
*    Offences and  penalties  relating to statutory marriage
*    Implications of contracting a valid statutory marriage
*    Statutory  marriage and the rules of caveat
*    Statutory  marriage and court  proceedings
*    And many more

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