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God has a message for you, so I would advise you continue to read these few pages till you finish them. I believe, it is not a mistake on your part for you to get a copy of this message, which the Lord God Almighty intends to use to bless you. You will find it very useful, so take time to read, indeed study it carefully and endeavour to follow the few instructions contained therein, for your own good and that of others whose destinies are connected to yours. May the Lord help you in Jesus’ name.

Life is full of diverse experiences and men react to situations of life differently. Whereas some may face life’s challenges boldly, others crumble under their weight. While some seek solutions to their problems through lawful and godly means, others pursue diabolical means to settle their problems. From experience and coupled with the word of God, no one in life is without challenges. The Bible says in Job 14:1 that “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble”. Faced with the issues of life, how do you react: by joining evil groups, committing sin, destroying lives, losing hope, putting yourself in more danger? How?

This book, by the special grace of God, examines how people are caught and brought into bondage, by Satan who uses different means to attract or lure them. While some are enticed, others are coerced or voluntarily succumb and join the devil’s society, without necessarily knowing what the implications would eventually be for them. Yet others, especially most of us from traditional African societies, are born into evil backgrounds, which become traps for us. This book does not only discuss the problems involved but also offers suggestions as to how to come out from the trap, web, cage and prison of the enemy. In this vein, I wish you read a friend’s story posted to me many years ago.

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