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When we think of a great relationship or marriage, it’s easy to think it’s a one person thing. But when we dig in a bit deeper into the lives of people with a great relationship and marriage, you will see that a successful relationship depends heavily on both partners being able to form great cooperation with each other.

This eBook will show you detailed hurdles that stand between people in a relationship and how to overcome them.

And how to relate to different types of Partner. This book is written for people who are in a serious relationship (courtship) that the goal is marriage and also people who are married.

The aim is to address issues people experience daily in relationships and marriages and open their eyes to possible ways to transform it.

Are you in a relationship whereby your partner complains, nag and you are being misunderstood?

Do you want to learn different ways to be a better partner?

Do you want to know to build a successful relationship with your partner?

Do you want to know different types of partner and how to relate to them?

Or you are looking for ways to transform your relationship?

If yes, then this book is for you!

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